Veneer Services

The techology we use is vacume bag so all shape can be accieved in single pieces veneer up to 6000 mm x 2000 mm per single panel.

Savvy can provide you with custom architectural panels beyond the ordinary. We understand that to achieve a positive outcome with any project you have to begin with quality materials. With that in mind our custom panels start with the highest quality veneers and core materials. We offer sequenced and numbered, end matched, cut to size and even blue print matched panels to your specification. These custom veneers can be laid up on a variety of substrates including MDF, particle board and veneer core to name a few. We’ll work hard to understand your expectations. As part of our process we can supply general veneer species samples.

Ash Burl 001
Ash Tamo 002
Ash Crown 003
Olive Ash Burl 004
Ash Black 005
Ash Crown White 006
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Brown Oak Qtr Natural 007
Oak European Qtr 008
Oak Rough Sawn 009
Oak Blur A 010
Pippy Oak 011
American Oak Crown 012
Oak Crown Smoked 013
Oak Qtr 157 014
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Satin Walnut Reg Gum 015
Walnut Burl USA 016
Walnut Burl Cluster 017
European Walnut Blur 018
Walnut Crotch 019
Walnut European 020
American Walnut Crown 021
America Walnut Qtr 022
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Teak 023
Teak Crown 024
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Wenge Qtr 025
Wenge Crown 026
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Birds Eye Maple 027
Curly Maple 028
Maple 029
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Macassar Amar 030
Macassar Pinstripe 031
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Sycammore Crown 032
Sycamore Figured 033
Sycamore Figured 260 034
Sycamore Figured 108 035
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Chestnut Qtr 036
Chestnut Crown 037
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Sapele Qtr 038
Sapele Pommele 039
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Eucalyptus Figured 040
Eucalyptus Figured Smoked 041
Eucalyptus Crown Smoked 042
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Beech Steamed 043
Cherry 044
Figured Birch 045
Douglas Fir 046
Gum Burn 047
Imbuya Pommere 048
Paita 049
Black Mamba 050
Mahogany Crotch 051
Santos Rosewood 052
Tineo 053
Tropycal Olve 054
Vavona 055
Yew Tree Burl 056
Zebrano 057
Ziricote 058
Tulypwood Grey 059
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